Will renting a holiday house enrich your next trip?

What will you wake up to on your next trip?
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Travelling around Europe is a lot of fun – you get to stay in different places, meet lots of people and see and learn lots of exciting new things.

If you were to ask me what my favourite place was I would have to say that it was Edinburgh because to me the place had this magical aura about it. The imposing castle and cobbled streets certainly played a part in forming this perception, however what I think really contributed to me falling in love with Edinburgh was waking up every morning and looking outside the window that had snow covered trees and chirping birds, whilst sitting inside with a hot cup of tea next to the fireplace.

So where is this mysterious place that looks like the set from Cinderella? Well it was actually my friend’s auntie’s house and whilst her home is not exactly open for visits the idea of booking a holiday house or an apartment is certainly on the rise.

Booking a place of your own definitely has its benefits: no noisy neighbours next door (or in the same room), or alternatively you can make as much noise as you like, you don’t need to pay penthouse prices for a place that has room for more than just the bed and you can really immerse yourself in the culture as you would be literally living amongst the locals. Sharing with a few other people could also make renting a lot cheaper than getting individual hotel rooms, not to mention safer than hostels.

Websites such as Interhome offer travellers the opportunity to book their dream holidays in everything from mountain chalets to cosy cottages and of course city centre apartments, with a special focus on European destinations. Imagine booking out a holiday house in Mallorca for a week with your closest group of friends or perhaps just your partner for a relaxing week without having to compete for the pool with noisy children.

Renting a holiday house or an apartment allows you to get right in the middle of it all, especially when renting places such as houses in the Austrian mountains during winter or an apartment for a golfing retreat in Spain. Some Interhome holiday houses and apartments even cater for the often forgotten family members: the all-important pet dog! Whilst Australians may think twice about bringing Rex for a five day stay in Switzerland, the service is there if it is ever required.

The definition of a holiday is certainly shifting and with many already having seen the ‘world’ by the time their 25, adventure, time spent with family and (furry) friends or perhaps just some time in the middle of nowhere, are concepts that are becoming more important than the usual sightseeing, shopping and a tick in the box routine.

Would you prefer to spend your time off in a luxury hotel in Milan or a small cottage on the outskirts of France?

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