Age not slowing Kiwi travellers

Kiwis in their 50’s are choosing
active domestic holidays.

Given their disposable incomes and with more time on their hands, New Zealanders in their fifties to sixties are just as likely to seek an active holiday as those half their age, according to a new study.

AA Tourism commissioned an online survey, which revealed Kiwis aged 51-60 were as likely to book holidays involving activities like cycling or tramping as those aged 25 and under.

20 percent of 51-60 year-olds plan to take an active domestic trip this year, while 22 percent of Kiwis under the age of 25 are planning a similar holiday.

“Never underestimate the energy of Kiwi holidaymakers, regardless of their age,” AA Tourism chief executive Moira Penman said.

“Health and fitness is high on their radar, so activity-based holidays are attractive amongst this demographic.”

Tourism operators in New Zealand have recognised this opportunity and have begun tailoring more active holiday packages and products to fit the 51-60 age bracket and encourage positive growth.

Domestic holiday intention for this age group was up 7 percent, compared to 2012.

The top four planned holiday destinations for 2013 are Auckland, Northland, Coromandel and Wellington.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T.
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