IASC: Virgin Australia, Pionair apply for added capacity

  Qantas and Emirates alliance gaining ground.

Virgin Australia seeks added seats beyond Singapore, while Pionair Australia applies for added freight capacity and Qantas gain approval for more seats on the France route.

The International Air Services Commission (IASC) has received an application from Virgin Australia for an allocation of 400 seats beyond Singapore to Colombo in an effort to provide joint services with Singapore Airlines.

Pionair Australia (trading as Skyforce Aviation) has sought an allocation of 28 tonnes of freight capacity on the France New Caledonia route and an allocation of 18 tonnes on the Papua New Guinea route.

The Delegate of the Commission has approved Qantas’ previous request to allocate an additional 150 seats in each direction on the France New Caledonia route.

The Commission has also decided to approve Qantas’ application to reduce capacity on the Italy route from 600 seats to 300 seats per week and permit the airline to codeshare on Emirate’s services.

Codeshare services between Qantas and Emirates on the Thailand route have also been approved.

Qantas and Emirates recently received regulatory approval on almost every aspect of their five-year alliance.


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T.
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